Gigzi: A Financial Platform to Solve Wider Adoption Challenges

The platform has been in development for one and a half years, and it includes the system architecture design and IriTech biometric security system. Gigzi’s CEO El Asmar is a serial entrepreneur who owns multiple successful businesses, with areas of expertise including digital product development and design. Everybody may have caught wind of 100x and considerably more than 200x profits for putting resources into cryptographic forms of money.


Instability empowers financial specialists to duplicate their interests in only days. Then again, there is dependably the danger of degrading of the cryptocurrency relying upon numerous wild factors. Accordingly, solidness is critical as far as shielding ones’ advantages from decreasing in esteem. There is no such administration given in the market as Gigzi offer which makes Gigzi as the pioneer riches the executives platform.

Does Not Exist Any Pre ICO.

Kinetic Revolution Ltd introduces Kineticex KRC as a new age platform for reliable digital transacti… IDEAVIS is a revolutionary crypto coin, that is based on the proof-of-work and the proof-of-stake al… The Ethereum Community has completed the security audit of the Gigzi Smart Contract, which is set for deployment in time for our crowdsale beginning November 2018. Our main challenge was to keep up with the technical aspects of the platform and provide new UX/UI solutions for landing pages, blog, and tech documentation interfaces. GitHub Analysis Development activity for over 950 open source cryptocurrencies.

Investment Analysis Hhistorical performance and stats for all cryptocurrencies. Sales in the two leading market brands has grown from 43,000 in 2015 to 1.6 million in 2017.

For instance, high-profile cryptocurrency hacks have led to the loss of millions of dollars, sometimes in a matter of minutes. Smart contracts and blockchain technology connect financial and business strategies with the security and functionality within a single platform. Gigzi has partnered with Iritech to develop cutting-edge biometric security customized for blockchain applications.

For this project, we used the time and material approach (T&M) to reveal all cost and time estimates prior to starting the work. We provided a ledger financial system technology that engages users in independent wealth management. Thanks to its nature, this technology makes cryptocurrency market interesting to a general user.


Gigzi is looking to target experienced investors looking to solidify their cryptocurrency gains as well as new investors who may be concerned about the volatility of cryptocurrency. Additionally, Gigzi hopes to attract investors that are truly concerned with the security of their wallets by introducing a biometric means of security. The project is not unique as there are other projects also trying to develop stable coins hedged against tangible assets. Exchanges involving fiat money require manual processing by Gigzi’s local partners, which could slow down transaction speeds and cause users to resort to alternative means of exchanging to fiat. Gigzi Ecosystem empowers clients to exchange and hold Gigzi crypto-resources and in addition different digital forms of money.

Fed Chairman Jerome Powell Compares Bitcoin to Gold

When the reserves of a precious metal drops, the Treasury changes Gigzi Black for US coins to acquire reserves, allowing for the creation of new crypto-assets Gigzi Metal. Gigzi’s precious metal tokens provide users with a certainty to invest their wealth on the blockchain, but also allow users to cover and limit exposure to volatility on the cryptocurrency market. Perth Mint was chosen to offer the precious metal that supports Gigzi Metal crypto-assets. Gigzi is an intelligent fintech startup built using an Ethereum platform and backed up with smart contracts. This newly deployed ecosystem revolutionizes the way blockchain security, stability, and wealth are managed. Users of the platform may easily invest in cryptocurrencies to generate money and make bank transfers.

Gigzi is a revolutionary financial system that addresses these challenges. By harnessing the relative constancy of precious metals and utilising world leading iris recognition technology, Gigzi provides investors with stability, security and wealth protection. Users are introduced into the Gigzi ecosystem through the three core Wallet, Exchange and Treasury applications. Gigzi wallet offers a unique product to cryptocurrency exchanges and security through Gigzi’s collaboration with IriTech to produce Gizgi Iris. This technology allows users to open accounts with iris as a key; keeping the private key safe and providing an improved user experience for account access.

  • Gigzi Metal is stable and secure; this is achieved by anchoring the price to precious metal.
  • He has prior experience working as a program director for Cognifide and ORM.
  • And the EZ Exchange team is working with regulators to be fully compliant with recognized global security standards.
  • Gigzi is a financial platform which uses an inventive way to deal with blockchain based speculation devices and digital forms of money to make a decentralized worldwide cash which is controlled by Smart Contract.
  • Everybody may have caught wind of 100x and considerably more than 200x profits for putting resources into cryptographic forms of money.

Our developers underwent dozens of brainstorming activities to enhance the cabinet with useful functionality. The stable currencies will provide platform users with a means of instantaneously protecting their gains from trading cryptocurrencies. He has prior experience working as a program director for Cognifide and ORM.

Independent wealth management

The world-renowned Perth Mint has been chosen to provide the precious metal that backs Gigzi Metal crypto-assets. Gigzi Metal, crypto-assets backed by precious metal such as gold, silver, and platinum. The Gigzi Wallet application is secured by iris recognition technology. Gigzi’s wallet differs from all other valid wallets on the market by using iris recognition technology. IriTech has developed the advanced iris recognition technology on the market. Gigzi is in partnership with IriTech to develop a latest biometric security that is customized for blockchain applications.

Many stable-coin projects only have one coin that is hedged against something with tangible value. Gigzi’s three different tokens backed by metals used around the world may appeal to a wider audience of users than projects with just one coin backed by one resource. Wellbeing then again, is number one need for all cryptocurrency clients. Given security gadget Gigzi Iris offers a standout amongst other wellbeing applications accessible in the security advertise.


It isn’t uncommon that individuals have earned a considerable measure of cash putting resources into cryptographic forms of money. Then again, there were streak accidents and cheapening of the digital currencies relying upon the FUD and news distributed. These occasions may effortlessly bring gigantic misfortunes inside minutes and there is no real way to stay away from them.

Where could you invest $1000

Gigzi is an innovative financial system that uses distributed technology to create a decentralized global currency governed by the Smart Contract. Gizgi stipulates an ecosystem where users can safely trade cryptocurrency while their wealth is protected in a relative constant of precious metals. What’s more, users can redeem the tokenised precious metals anytime on demand. Branded cast bars will be fabricated to specification by the mint and delivered securely to users. In just over two years, the Gigzi team has brought this financial system into the advanced stages of development.

Based in the United States, Moonlighting is a 3-year-old freelance marketplace with a proven track record of empowering people to earn extra money and hire talented professionals quickly. With the integration of blockchain technology Moonlighting will decentralize worker profiles, reward participation, and make hiring and working in the freelance economy trusted, global, and inclusive. Working on the wallet from scratch, we came up with a product that had advanced functionality that, at its core, combined the banking system and cryptocurrencies. We presented a great alternative vision to how traditional financial system should be handled and added up-to-the-minute branding elements. Team members have prior work experience in digital consulting, information technology, and various companies based around the internet and technology, but do not appear to have much experience working with blockchain. Adoption and investment in blockchain technology has grown from $93 million USD in 2013 to $1.3 Billion USD in 2018.

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Information is now widely available, allowing users to make their own investment choices. They can execute trades on their own and decide which asset classes they want to invest in. The financial services industry is changing rapidly thanks to evolving technology. Just a few years ago, users needed to visit banks in order to initiate a wire transfer. They needed to fill forms, pay a hefty fee, and then wait for a few days for the funds to show up in the receiver’s account.

Best and new upcoming ICOs of 2023 to invest in The year of 2022 was not as successful as previous years for crypto investors. Spade is a representative platform which will enable unfettered and hassle free investment into vari… The Crypto Escrow is the Best Tool for secure and safe online trades based on crypto currencies (Co… The whole team was involved in the process of creating a landing page for the product, brainstorming new ideas and key decisions for product positioning and promotion. Design has a major effect on business, and in this case, the client asked us to help with the branding of their company. In our audit, we noticed a lack of good graphics and branding design, UI/UX, etc.

Ethereum is the platform underlying the What is Gigzi ecosystem; it enables Gigzi to develop and deploy decentralised applications. The Smart Contract regulating the Gigzi ecosystem cannot be modified once deployed; it runs exactly as programmed. Users can freely participate in the Gigzi ecosystem by accepting the proposed functions and terms of the Gigzi Smart Contract.

In this way, client accounts are secured by an open key which is combined with private key. The private key, which is an arbitrarily created set of numbers and characters, decodes and concedes access to the record. Gigzi was founded in 2016 with the intent of taking this freedom to the next level — empowering users to manage their wealth independently.

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